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C. Carey Cloud - Giraffe Shuffle Game - 123 The Giraffe Shuffle Game, a Cracker Jack prize, was made by C. Carey Cloud, circa 1940.

There are two versions of this game. The 123 version is can be seen on the left, and the ABC version is on the right.

Printed on 8 inch long cardstock with red and green ink.

Text on the game:

Shuffle Game

How To Play
Press out red and green discs and lay one at a time on red spot on Giraffe. Flick with finger and see if you can make it slide up his neck and cover one of the three circles.

Made U.S.A.

Two similar games were made about a year later, Cat and Mice Game and War Game.
C. Carey Cloud - Giraffe Shuffle Game - ABC

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