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C. Carey Cloud created Goofy Zoo, for Cracker Jack, in the 1940's.
The child can create five different fantasy animals by turning the paper dial.
Printed on card stock, with red and green ink.
Later, he made a 2 wheel version of the Goofy Zoo.

Cracker Jack Prize - Goofy Zoo - front
Goofy Zoo, showing the head of an elephant on the body of a fantasy creature.

Cracker Jack Prize - Goofy Zoo - back
Reverse side of Goofy Zoo, showing the dial attached by a metal grommet.

Cracker Jack Prize - Goofy Zoo - heads
The five heads on the dial of the Goofy Zoo.
1. Elephant
2. Goat
3. Bull?
4. Rabbit? Kangaroo?
5. ???

C. Carey Cloud