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The 85th toy made by C. Carey Cloud for Cracker Jack are the Minute Movies. They are printed on paper with orange and black ink. The booklet consists of two pages, each with a slightly varied image. Quickly opening and closing the booklet with show an animation.

Minute Movie - Boxing Kangaroo
Boxing Kangaroo

Minute Movie - Kangaroo and Piano
Kangaroo & Piano

Minute Movie - Dancing Colored Boy
Dancing Colored Boy

Minute Movie - Monkey and Car
Monkey & Car

Minute Movie - Dog on Ball
Dog on Ball

Minute Movie - Kicking Donkey
Kicking Donkey

Minute Movie -  Balancing Elephant
Balancing Elephant

Minute Movie - Wig Wagging Sailor
Wig Wagging Sailor

Minute Movie - Bird and Hippo
Bird & Hippo

Minute Movie - Horse and Acrobat
Horse & Acrobat

Minute Movie - Skating Penguin
Skating Penguin

Minute Movie - Two Bears
Two Bears

Minute Movie - Reverse - Instructions To Operate Movies:
First, tear off bottom at perforation to open.
Then, roll up top sheet tightly on pencil as shown in Fig. (A) Then hold down as shown in Fig. (B) Next, move pencil back and forth rapidly over the curled top sheet. See Figs. (B) & (C)

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