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C. Carey Cloud created two different toothpick puzzle prizes for Cracker Jack. This prize, Sticks Tricks, is the first of the two prizes to be produced, the other toothpick prize is 4 Tricks with Picks.

C. Carey Cloud mentions his toothpick puzzles in his autobiography...
I devised a puzzle that required twenty-one toothpicks to solve. The picks were to be inserted in a small envelope and sealed. Cracker Jack ordered five million puzzles. This called for 105 million picks. I found that the Diamond Match Company also made toothpicks. I wrote them for prices. Their sales office called me, "Haven't you made a mistake?" they questioned. "That's more picks than all our jobbers ever ordered at anyone time." Satisfied with my answer, I got the picks, my contractor got the job, Cracker Jack got their puzzles, and all over America, five million boys, girls, and adults spent more than ten minutes solving the puzzles.

Sticks Tricks - Cracker Jack toothpick puzzles - front
Sticks Tricks
     Arrange the enclosed 12 sticks as they are shown in the diagram. Then change positions and make 6 triangles. Check solution on flap.
     Bend 5 sticks in center and arranged as shown on left. Next, drop water in center. Watch sticks form a star.
Sticks Tricks - Cracker Jack toothpick puzzles - reverse
The reverse side of the Sticks Tricks envelope, showing the solution of making 6 triangles, with 12 toothpicks.

C. Carey Cloud - Cracker Jack Prize - Sticks Tricks toothpicks
Images of Sticks Tricks courtesy of Harriet Joyce.

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