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C. Carey Cloud made the Trapeze Puzzle for Cracker Jack in the 1940's. He also made similar prizes for Cracker Jack, such as the Cowboy Puzzle, and the Parrot Puzzle.

The Trapeze Puzzle is printed on cardstock with green and red ink. As with many of his Cracker Jack prizes, C. Carey Cloud printed this prize on two different sizes of paper.

Trapeze Puzzle - Trifold version
This version is printed on tri-fold card stock measuring 8" x 1¾", and folds into thirds.

The rectangular card, measuring 3½" x 2¼" is shown below.
Trapeze Puzzle - front
Trapeze Puzzle (front)

Copyright 1946, C. Carey Cloud, Chicago 5, Ill. Made in U.S.A.

Trapeze Puzzle - back
Trapeze Puzzle (back)

First separate the two acrobats and the swing by breaking apart on all cut and perforated lines.

Seat the two acrobats in the swing... do not cut, paste or fold.
It can be done!

Solution to the Trapeze Puzzle below

Trapeze Puzzle answer step 1

Trapeze Puzzle answer step 2

Trapeze Puzzle answer step 3

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