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In 1959, C. Carey Cloud created six polystyrene acrobatic twirlers for Cracker Jack. They include a parrot, a girl, a monkey, a frog, a tarsier, and an opossum. These plastic acrobatic twirlers were probably inspired by his earlier Cracker Jack toy, paper Twirlies, which he made 10 years earlier, in 1949.

Polystyrene Acrobatic Twirler - Parrot Polystyrene Acrobatic Twirler - Girl Polystyrene Acrobatic Twirler - Monkey
Acrobatic Parrot Twirler

Acrobatic Girl Twirler

Acrobatic Monkey Twirler

Polystyrene Acrobatic Twirler - Frog Polystyrene Acrobatic Twirler - Tarsier Polystyrene Acrobatic Twirler - Possum
Acrobatic Frog Twirler

Acrobatic Tarsier Twirler

Acrobatic Opossum Twirler

To make his plastic acrobatic twirlers, C. Carey Cloud first carved his creations in basswood. The carvings, approximately 5 1/2" high, are four times the size of the final toy which measure 1 1/4" high. A metal engraving would then be made from the basswood mold. Then dies would be produced for the polystyrene to be poured into, making the toy.

Basswood Mold of Acrobatic Frog Twirler
Basswood mold of Acrobatic Frog Twirler, in the hands of it's creator C. Carey Cloud.

Basswood Mold of Acrobatic Possum Twirler - Front Basswood Mold of Acrobatic Possum Twirler - Back
Basswood molds of Acrobatic Opossum Twirler, carved by C. Carey Cloud.

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