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In the 1950's C. Carey Cloud created 10 Polystyrene Plastic Squeeze Faces for Cracker Jack.
These were similar to his Paper Snap Toys made many years earlier.
The squeeze faces includes, a man, woman, clown, cow, dog, duck, hippo, monkey, owl, and tiger.

Polystyrene Squeeze Face Man
Squeeze Face Man

Polystyrene Squeeze Face Woman
Squeeze Face Woman

Polystyrene Squeeze Face Clown
Squeeze Face Clown

Polystyrene Squeeze Face Cow
Squeeze Face Cow

Polystyrene Squeeze Face Dog
Squeeze Face Dog

Polystyrene Squeeze Face Duck
Squeeze Face Duck

Polystyrene Squeeze Face Hippo
Squeeze Face Hippo

Polystyrene Squeeze Face Monkey
Squeeze Face Monkey

Polystyrene Squeeze Face Owl
Squeeze Face Owl

Polystyrene Squeeze Face Tiger
Squeeze Face Tiger

To make his plastic squeeze faces, C. Carey Cloud first carved his creations in basswood. The carvings, approximately 5 1/2" high, are four times the size of the final toy which is approximately 1 1/4" high. After making the basswood carving, a metal engraving would be made, and finally the dies.

Basswood carving Hippo for Cracker Jack Polystyrene Squeeze Faces   Basswood carving Owl for Cracker Jack Polystyrene Squeeze Faces
Basswood carving of the hippo squeeze face, carved by C. Carey Cloud.   Basswood carving of the owl squeeze face, by C. Carey Cloud, shown with the final product, a Cracker Jack Squeeze Face Owl.

C Carey Cloud posing with basswood carvings
C. Carey Cloud showing the basswood carvings, of his squeeze face toys, to admirers.

C. Carey Cloud