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In 1957 C. Carey Cloud created a 10 Standing Musical Whistles for Cracker Jack. The ten different whistles are an accordion, a banjo, a bugle, a cornet, a french horn, a saxophone, scales, a trombone, a ukulele, and a violin. The Standing Musical Whistles measure ¼" wide, and 1" high, and come in red, green, and blue. Rumor has it that a few yellow whistles are floating about.

There was a newspaper article written about these whistles, and it's inventor. Because C. Carey Cloud was born near Whistleville Indiana, the article was cleverly titled Whistleville Man Invents a Whistle, a couple of excerpts are below.

Whistle newspaper clipping - World's 1st all plastic whistle
The man from Whistleville who dreams up those toys in crackerjack boxes now has invented the world's first all plastic whistle.
Whistle newspaper clipping - Pleasing tone whistle
"They don't have an ear-piercing screech and in fact the tone is rather pleasing," he says, consoling mamas and papas disturbed by other toy whistles.

He also created Razz Zooka the Embossed Paper Whistles and the Four Tone Plastic Flute Whistles

Reverse side of Standing Musical Whistles

Made in the U.S.A.

Blow Other Side
Standing Accordion Whistle - red Standing Accordion Whistle - green Standing Accordion Whistle - blue Standing Whistle - Accordion
Standing Banjo Whistle - red Standing Banjo Whistle - green Standing Banjo Whistle - blue Standing Whistle - Banjo
Standing Bugle Whistle - red Standing Bugle Whistle - green Standing Bugle Whistle - blue Standing Whistle - Bugle
Standing Cornet Whistle - red Standing Cornet Whistle - green Standing Cornet Whistle - blue Standing Whistle - Cornet
Standing French Horn Whistle - red Standing French Horn Whistle - green Standing French Horn Whistle - blue Standing Whistle - French Horn
Standing Saxophone Whistle - red Standing Saxophone Whistle - green Standing Saxophone Whistle - blue Standing Whistle - Saxophone
Standing Scale Whistle - red Standing Scale Whistle - green Standing Scale Whistle - blue Standing Whistle - Scales
Standing Trombone Whistle - red Standing Trombone Whistle - green Standing Trombone Whistle - blue Standing Whistle - Trombone
Standing Ukulele Whistle - red Standing Ukulele Whistle - green Standing Ukulele Whistle - blue Standing Whistle - Ukulele
Standing Violin Whistle - red Standing Violin Whistle - green Standing Violin Whistle - blue Standing Whistle - Violin

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