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C. Carey Cloud created seven Embossed Metal Circle toys for Cracker Jack.  They are, the Good Luck Token, Private Detective, Something to Crow About, Daffy Dollar, Queer Quarter, Nutty Nickel, and Phony Penny. Each measure 1⅝" or 4.8 cm, in diameter.

C. Carey Cloud created the Embossed Metal Circles for Cracker Jack out of scrap metal. Carey Cloud discovered that Ball Brothers, maker of home canning lids, had tons of scrap two-inch metal discs. Buying the scrap metal for only $25 per ton for his toys, he was able to make over eighty million toys for Cracker Jack. When Ball Brothers discovered that he was making toys from the scrap metal, they raised the price to $125 per ton, and that was the end of his metal toys.

The toys he made from the scrap metal were, Metal Litho Garage, Metal Litho Typewriter, Metal Litho Piano, Metal Litho Cabinets, Metal Litho Range, Metal Litho Clock, Metal Litho Radio, Embossed Metal Circles, Metal Chirpers, Metal Litho Plates.

Embossed Metal Circle - Good Luck Token
Good Luck Token

Embossed Metal Circle - Private Detective Private Detective

Embossed Metal Circle - Something to Crow About
Something to Crow About

Embossed Metal Circle - Daffy Dollar Daffy Dollar

Embossed Metal Circle - Queer Quarter Queer Quarter

Embossed Metal Circle - Nutty Nickel Nutty Nickel

  Embossed Metal Circle - Phony Penny Phony Penny


Phony Penny Mold
Dies used to emboss the blank discs to make the Embossed Metal Circles

Blank Metal Disc
Blank disc used to make Metal Embossed Circles

Other toys he made from the scrap metal were...

Metal Litho Garage Metal Litho Clock Metal Litho Range Metal Litho Radio
Metal Litho Soup Bowls
Metal Chirpers Metal Litho Plates Metal Litho Soup Bowls

Metal Litho Cabinet Metal Litho Piano Metal Litho Piano
Metal Litho Cabinet Metal Litho Typewriter Metal Litho Piano

C. Carey Cloud