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Artist Crackerjack Designer
       Lowell Nussbaum
       Indianapolis Sunday Star
       September 9, 1972

Most of us still can remember the childhood pleasure of tearing open a box of Crackerjack and learning what sort of toy prize was in it.

I well remember it. Just the other day I was reminded of this when I learned that a Hoosier was responsible for creating and manufacturing those prizes - millions and millions of them - over a 24-year period.

In fact, Brown County Artist C. Carey Cloud estimates that he designed and produced probably 750 million of them.

In 1937, Cloud, then working as a commercial artist for the Crackerjack firm and other companies, was asked to take over the task of designing and producing the toys.

The company had been importing them from Japan but wished a source closer at hand.

Cloud accepted the job. He made moulds of his plastic figures of animals, people and other objects and contracted with plants in various cities to manufacture them. Within a short time, he was producing 40 million a year.

Carey quit the business in 1964 and began concentrating on painting in Brown County.

C. Carey Cloud - Artist Crackerjack Designer

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