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Carey Cloud is feature in solo show at Gallery
       Brown County Democrat, October 5, 1972

C. Carey Cloud will have a solo show in the Brown County Art Gallery Oct. 9 through Oct. 29.

Along with his painting will be shown many of his models, woodcarvings, and original designs for toys.

Cloud, living in the hills of Brown County, was a toy designer until 1964. That’s the year he decided to concentrate on a style of painting that he calls "realism in depth."

His paintings became an immediate success with fine art collectors who come to the hills to collect his work. This landed Cloud with a second successful career after the age of 65.

For more than 24 years, millions upon millions of his little toys were found in a popular box of confection. Twenty-five years ago his retail toys were found in nearly every variety store in America. Cloud has given thousands of toys to underprivileged children and hospitals.

Now he is recognized for his paintings of time marked old farm buildings, weather worn farm tools, antiques and other bits of a past era, all painted in minute detail. He says most of his subjects are found in the hill country, in such quaint named areas as Gnawbone, Peoga, Beanblossom, Stonehead and around Nashville, Indiana; communities not yet destroyed by progress. He says many of his subjects likely would not have been found were it not for his old jeep for transportation into the more rugged areas.

Cloud's paintings have been described by Dr. Bookwalter of Indiana University as "Collectors works and museum pieces." Two years ago, one of his paintings a graffiti subject, titled "Reflections of 1948" was presented to Harry S. Truman by Senator Birch Bayh.

It is said that Cloud has the ability to communicate cheerfully the beauty of the commonplace. The observer is made aware of how little of the fleeting past still remains to be cherished and preserved. Cloud thinks that in this hectic age, our minds still treasure golden yesterdays of rustic peace and tranquility.

C. Carey Cloud is feature in solo show at Gallery

C. Carey Cloud