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Truman To Receive Painting By Hoosier - Ex-President Writes Artist
       Indianapolis Sunday Star

A Nashville artist's painting will be presented to the Truman Library at Independence, Mo., next month.

C. Carey Cloud's "Reflection's of 1948," will be presented to Former President Harry S. Truman by United States Senator Birch E. Bayh Jr. (D-Ind.).

Cloud made a gift of the painting to Bayh knowing the senator's intention.

The work shows an old ramshackled structure with a dripping, whitewashed graffiti reading, "Truman."

"What's interesting is that the building is nearly gone, but his name is clearly legible still today," Cloud said.

The building sets in the Smokey Mountains near Asheville, N.C.

The painting is on display with 18 others in the north lounge in the Indiana Memorial Union Building at Indiana University.

Cloud said his exhibit will close July 31 and then Bayh will present the work.

"I made a sketch of it over a year ago and a friend of mine told Senator Bayh about it. The Senator told Mr. Truman and Mrs. Truman wrote me a letter about it," Cloud said.

C. Carey Cloud - Truman To Receive Painting By Hoosier

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