C. Carey Cloud

C. Carey Cloud - US Patent 2,516,367

US Patent 2,516,367, filed Dec 8, 1949, granted July 25, 1950, serial # 131,778
My invention relates to an optical illusion toy which is made entirely of paper. It is among objects of my invention to provide a toy which can be made in an extremely economical manner through the use of no material other than paper and ink. There are many commercial products on the market, particularly candies and confections for sale to children, which include in their packages a small toy or novelty. This novelty is extremely important in the sale of the products because it is hidden inside the package and serves to intrigue the child into buying the product in order to obtain the novelty.


C. Carey Cloud filed this patent for the Twirlies he designed for Cracker Jack, of which two can be seen below.

C. Carey Cloud - Cracker Jack Toy - Bullfighter Twirlies   C. Carey Cloud - Cracker Jack Toy - Dog chasing rabbit Twirlies    

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C. Carey Cloud