C. Carey Cloud


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Chasing Cloud Nine - Sneak Peak

Cracker Jack Toys - Tin Prizes
Metal Play Tray
Metal Litho Range
Metal Litho Cabinet
Metal Litho Piano
Metal Litho Typewriter
Litho Nodding Head Animals
Metal Litho Clock
Metal Litho Radio
Metal Litho Garage
Metal Chirpers
Metal Litho Plates
Metal Litho Soup Bowls
Embossed Metal Circles

Cracker Jack Toys - Paper Prizes
Stick Tricks
Goofy Zoo
Zoo Loos
Stand Up Toys
Nursery Characters
Cracker Jack Wagons
Morse Code Signals
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Mystic Illusion
Crazy Cartoon Puzzles and Riddle Rhyme Puzzles
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Sun Dial
Wiggle Lady Bug
Wiggle Lobster
Wiggle Snake
Wiggle Alligator
Three Disc Game
U.S. War Tank
U.S. Army Plane
Plane Carrier
U.S. Navy Ship
Machine Gun
Big War Gun
Finger Faces
U.S. Navy Ship
Giraffe Shuffle Game
Acrobatic Clown
Magic Auto
4 Tricks with Picks
Drawing Made Easy
Logo Checkers
Pop Outs
Razz Zooka
Embossed Paper Whistles
Acrobatic Clown version 2
Goofy Zoo
Fox and Geese Game
The Red Spot Game
The Great Magician
Chicken and the Egg Puzzle
War Game
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Cat and Mice Game
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Soco Game and Transatlantic Flight Game
Wise Old Owl Puzzle
Rocker Action Toy
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Minute Movies
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Swinging Characters

Cracker Jack Toys - Plastic Prizes
Plastic Dangles in Amber and Ruby
High Density Poly Dolls of Nations
Plastic Dolls of Nations
Polystyrene Wrought Iron Design Characters
Plastic Standing Characters - Oval Base
Plastic Standing Characters - Rectangle Base
Standing Musical Whistles
Four Tone Plastic Flute Whistles
Space Tops
Plastic Rockers
Plastic Dangles
Action Toys
Polystyrene Squeeze Faces
Clear Plastic Prizes

Other Toys
Poll Parrot Action Toy
Exquisite Clocite Miniatures
Acrobatic Clown, Monkey, Parrot, and Skeleton
Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf
Lively Rabbits and Chicks
Mother Goose and Other Popular Characters
Superman Radio Quiz Master
Radio Quiz Master Stunts
Orphan Annie Goofy Circus
Orphan Annie Goofy Circus, Ovaltine Ad
Friendly Pup / Waggle Tail Pup
Captain Kidd's Treasure Chest
Carnival Cut-Out Action Toys
Coco-Wheats Pack of Prizes
The General Electric Radio Bandmaster
Jumbo Big Time Play Pack
Piston Ring Game
Rockin' Rabbits
A Bag Of Fun
Freshie the Acrobatic Rabbit
Funny Animals Acrobats
Great-Fun Drawing Lessons
Sail-Ho! Sailor Boys
Easter Action Toys
Shotwell's Easter Parade
Brach's Swing Bar
Grennan Banana Flips
The Great Unknowns
Safety Reflectors
The Roving Eye Toys & Mystic Eye Characters
Floating Characters
Plastic Stencils
Two-Tone Musical Whistles
Flipper Toy
Alex Alligator
The Great Key Puzzle

Realism in Depth
Reflections of 1948
Aunt Mollie
Barn Near Gnaw Bone
The Sentinel
The Old Grey Mare
Ella's Cabin
Old Feed Store
Old Hart Farm
Old Bradley Place
Farm Girl
Saturday Bath
John A Hook's First Drugstore
Cotton Canary
Home For Thanksgiving
Window & Hollyhocks
Spirit of the Rose
View Window
Old Tomelson Place
Untitled oil painting
Autumn Cornfield

1865 Red Brick
Blacksmith Shop 1910
Bountiful Barn
A Brown County Road
Christmas 1898
Cider Makin' Time in 1909
Country Church in Winter
Country Road
Covered Bridge in Winter
December in Indiana
Delivering Mail in 1909
The Farm
The Iron Pump
Lake of the Clouds
Old Oaken Bucket
On the Salamonie 1940
A Quiet Day
Shrimp Boat Dock
Wooden Pump
Christmas Time on "The Hill of Clouds"
The Christian Church in Nashville
Brown County Map

Cloud Nine: The Dreamer and the Realist
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Little Red Ridinghood
Puss in Boots
Little Black Sambo
Peter Rabbit
Mother Goose
Blue Ribbon Press

Newspaper Articles and Videos
Ideas Beget Ideas
Charles Kuralt Interviews C. Carey Cloud for CBS News
The Man Who Gave Us Cracker Jack Toys
Cloud's Paintings Jump At Viewer
Carey Cloud is feature in solo show at Gallery
Truman To Receive Painting By Hoosier
Crackerjack Bradenton Artist Designed Prizes
Reception for Wells-Born Artist-Author Carey Cloud
Artist Crackerjack Designer
Putting Brown County on Canvas
C. Carey Cloud - Artist and Entrepreneur
Hoosier Artists - C. Carey Cloud
Cracker Jack Days Remembered by C. Carey Cloud
Canvassing Art, C. Carey Cloud
Cloud Nine: Brown County artist Carey Cloud reminisces on his successful career
Brown County Artists
Year Round Santa Claus
Cloud Reigns over the Cracker Jack World
Whistleville Man Invents a Whistle
It Took Two Years, but CBS Newsman Finally Gets His Man...

Cartoons - Cloudbursts
Eat Your Cereal
Straighten Your Tie
By Jove, Some Die Hard
Suppose It's a Mouse Squeaking
Is It Tough?
Job Is Peanuts
Carrot Cocktails
Easier Way
Cover Charge
Cross the Lines
Ticket to Mansfield
Why Question Him?
Dog Chase
Duck Hunter
Accurate Weight
Beaver in Office
Narrow Minded
Sizzling Steaks
Skinny Piggy Bank
Moose Hunter Hunted
Kangaroo Playing Piano

Cartoons - Down Yonder Luke Barker says
June Newlyweds
Hoopole Ridge
The Law is Like Doughnuts
A Fool & His Honey
Wild Flowers
Glass Eggs
Hip Flasks
Wall Street
Shave a Man
Chimney Cleaner
Cigarette Babies
Wolf at the Door
Rotten Eggs
Higher Education
Sharpen Your Wits
Stung by Spelling Bee
11 Ounces per Pound
Chain Down the Pens
Leap Year
Harmony Hall Closed
One Thing a Man Never Forgets
Wet Cellars
Campaign Promises
Moonshine Tonsils
Both Ends Meet
Like the Groundhog
Twenty Miles From Home
Optimistic Circulars
Silent Workers Club
Buggy with Taxes
Restaurant Coffee
Sharp Skates
Christian Ideals
Trump Her Partner's Ace
Valentine Cards
Toy Dog
Out of Gas on the Road to Success
The Bank Went Up
Slip of the Tongue
Suffer with Corns
Never Told a Lie
Nickel-Plated Watch
Smoking and Talking
Land Sharks
Last Cent for Bread
Contented Cows
Ash Wednesday
Mind Your Own Business
Plumbing & Piano Tuning
Ole Fashion Soft Soap
More Noise
The Milk of Human Kindness
Over Exercised Muscles
Time and Taxes
Trees Begin t' Re-leaf
Purtty, but False
Home O' Th' Brew
vs Goat-Getter

Drive 'em to Drink
Holiday fer Fools
On the Move by the Still

C. Carey Cloud