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Acrobatic Clown, Monkey, Parrot, and Skeleton action toys were sold in many departments stores through out the USA during the 1940's for just 10¢.

Printed on sturdy cardstock measuring 9¼" x 10" when folded, and 9¼" x 26¼" unfolded. Each of the four characters measure approximately 6" when assembled.

The names of the 4 characters are...
      Socio the Clown
      Rojo the Parrot
      Gorra the Monkey
      Feo the Skeleton

Carey Cloud created similar toothpick twirling toys for Cracker Jack, the Acrobatic Clown and Swinging Characters, as well as a Swinging Parrot for Poll Parrot Shoes.

Acrobatic Clown, Monkey, Parrot, and Skeleton - cover

C. Carey Cloud playing with Socio the Clown
C. Carey Cloud at his desk playing with Socio the Clown, from his Acrobatic Clown action toys, circa 1944.

Acrobatic Clown, Monkey, Parrot, and Skeleton - outside cover
Acrobatic Clown action toy game unfolded, front side, measuring 9¼"x26¼"

Text printed on game ...

Monkey, Parrot and Skeleton
4 Action Toys
1000 and 1 Stunts on a Bar, with Story
No Practice Necessary, No Strings to Pull, So Simple to Assemble

Toys with Action!
Fun to Play With
Simple to Set Up!
Stock No. AC-10
Produced by Cloudcrest Creations, Chicago
Patent Pending

Acrobatic Clown
It's time for fun

Acrobatic Clown, Monkey, Parrot, and Skeleton - inside cover
Acrobatic Clown action toy game unfolded, reverse side, measuring 9¼"x26¼"

Text printed on game ...

How to Put Together
        First, press out the arms, legs and body of Monkey above. Next, slip arms through slot as shown in "1". Push through until small part is in center and hangs loose in hole. See "2". Then slip legs through leg hole in same manner. Fold arms and legs as shown in "3".
        Press out piece marked BAR and fold into three sided bar (see "4") and slip through three cornered holes in both hands.


Assemble the Skeleton, Clown and Parrot in the same manner.

Adventures of the Acrobats
        Somewhere in old Mexico there lived three very odd characters. First there was Socio the Clown. Second, Gorra the Monkey. The third was Rojo the Parrot. These three were the closest of friends. Wherever one went, they all were sure to go. Whatever Socio ate for breakfast, they all ate. If Socio stood on his head, Gorra would stand on his head and Rojo the parrot would try very hard to do the same. If Socio snored loudly in his sleep. Gorra would snore in his sleep and Rojo the Parrot would make an awful noise that would sound just like snoring.
        These three spent their entire time going about the country, into the villages and into the cities, just to make people happy. They could get themselves into a thousand and one difficult, yet funny, positions. No one else in all the world could ever, ever, do anything quite like it. All the people laughed at the sight of their acrobatic antics. And the people would be happy and gay from the sight of these strange friends. Everyday was a fiesta day when Socio the Clown, Gorra the Monkey and Rojo the Parrot, were around.
        One dark lonely night they were traveling through the country to the next village when they heard a voice crying out in the stillness. Socio the Clown was most unhappy to think that someone should be so sad as to cry. Socio stopped right there in his tracks and Gorra stopped in his tracks. Rojo stopped, but not in his tracks because he was right on top of Gorra’s head. Now what do you suppose they found sitting on a rock under a Tulip tree? Right there sat a poor skeleton crying his eyes out because he was so lonely. No one alive would have anything to do with him. Yet he had never harmed a soul.
        Socio wasn’t afraid at all and Gorra was only slightly afraid. And Rojo just climbed from Gorra’s head down to his shoulders. If Socio wasn’t afraid, they knew then that the unfortunate skeleton would not do them any harm. Socio believes that the world should be full of friendship, happiness, and understanding. So he invited the lonely skeleton to join them in their travels.
        The skeleton was very happy to join the three odd companions and they traveled together all over the world. Up over mountains, down into valleys and across rivers. Socio taught the skeleton how to do, not one hundred, but a thousand and one acrobatic antics on a bar. And he helped make millions and millions of little boys and big boys, girls of all sizes, fat women and slim women, young men and old men with long white beards, all sing with gladness in their hearts.
        It is really a joy to see Socio the Clown, Gorra the Monkey, Rojo the Parrot and Feo the Skeleton, all walking together into the setting sun after a fiesta. And it makes us all happy to know that people everywhere are no longer afraid of skeletons. Because they, too, know that skeletons are harmless.

Promotional material for Acrobatic Clown Action Toys
Promotional material for Acrobatic Clown Action Toys

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