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Brach's Swing Bar The Swing Candy Bar was Brach's best selling candy bar. It was also the third most popular candy bar in the country during it's heyday.

Carey Cloud created a couple of paper toys for Brach's Candies, on the left is a paper swing doll. To the right is a Brach's Candies puzzle.

Larger images of both paper toys can be seen below.
Brach's Swing BarPuzzle

Brach's Swing Bar
Toy for Brach's Swing Candy Bar
This lady of the tropics so stunning. Keeps rhythm to music whistling or humming.
To operate: Fold back legs at hips, insert legs in slot "A". See Fig 1. Gently rub tabs together up and down.

Brach's Swing Bar drawing from patent
Carey Cloud's patent drawings for Brach's Swing Candy Bar hula girl.
Patent 002148290

Brach's Swing Bar Puzzle
It's FUN to try this puzzle - but it's more fun to try Brach's candies!
Press out the five candies below and place in the squares in the large panel in their respective positions. Now, without lifting any of them, slide from one square to another until you have arranged them as they appear in position shown in small diagram above.

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