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C. Carey Cloud created the Carnival Action Toys for New Orleans Confections, Inc., a Chicago candy company. By saving the wrappers from Carnival Candies, one could get all 8 paper rockers.

These rocker toys are very similar, although larger, than the Rocker Action Toys that Carey Cloud created for Cracker Jack. The Carnival Action Toys were patented by Carey Cloud.

Carnival Action Toys free with Carnival Action Wrappers
Free Carnival Action Toys, with your Carnival Candy wrappers.

Carnival Action Toys prize envelope
This Envelope Contains Carnival Cut-Out Action Toys, from New Orleans Confections, Inc.

Carnival Cut-Out Action Toys
Hey Kids! Here's Your Carnival of Fun... 8 Big Acts Packed Full of Action!
Attractive for Place Cards and Party Decorations!
Gently Touch Their Heads and Watch Them Act!

C. Carey Cloud