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ARK Bread was made in Kansas City, Missouri by C. J. Patterson Bakery. ARK, an acronym for American Research Kitchen, was soon renamed Holsum Bread, and Freshie the rabbit would soon become the logo of Bunny Bread.

Carey Cloud mentions this toy in his autobiography. He recalls that the bread company had a replica loaf of bread mounted over the chassis of a little Crosley car. This motorized load of bread was driven around to local schools, distributing the toys. Between this toy, and the Rocking Rabbits, the bread company went from last place in sales, to first place within a years time.

Freshie - the acrobatic rabbitFreshie - the acrobatic rabbit, version 2
Above are two versions of Freshie the acrobatic rabbit.
ARK Bread Presents Freshie the acrobatic rabbit
I'm lots of fun! I've got 1000 stunts! Put me together and watch me go!

Hold Bar, Turn and watch him do his stunts.
First, press out the arms, legs and body of "freshie" above. Next, slip arms through slot as shown in "1". Push though until small part is in center and hangs loose in hole. See "2". Then slip legs though leg hole in same manner. Fold arms and legs as shown in "3". Press out piece marker "BAR" and fold into a three sided bar (see "4") and slip through three cornered holes in both hands.

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