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Funny Animals Acrobats

Funny Animals Acrobats action toys were sold in many departments stores through out the USA during the 1940's for just 10¢.

Printed on sturdy cardstock measuring 9¼" x 10" when folded, and 9¼" x 26¼" unfolded. Each of the four characters measure approximately 6" when assembled.

The names of the 4 characters are...
      Hoppy the Marvel Bunny
      Billy the Kid
      Willie the Worm
      Sherlock the Monk

Text printed on game ...

Funny Animals Acrobats
4 Action Toys
Come on gang. See me do 1000 and one stunts on a bar! No strings, no practice necessary and so simple to assemble
Hoppy the Marvel Bunny, Billy the Kid, Willie the Worm, Sherlock the Monk.
Assemble time: three minutes each.

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