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In 1948 the Superman Radio Quiz Master Games was part of a promotional for the Superman radio show. It was sponsored by Breck Candy Company of Chicago, and B. Goodman of Philadelphia. This game was very similar to the Radio Quiz Master Stunts game, that sold in stores for 10¢, just 4 years before.

Superman Radio Quiz Master Games - front cover
Superman Radio Quiz Master Games
with model microphone as shown
Plenty of indoor action everybody can play
Adds a touch of real broadcast

Turning the dial reveals the following questions...
(Answers at the bottom of this page)

1. What kind of a bee does not sting?
2. What has eyes and cannot see yet gets around a lot?
3. Why is there no honey in Brazil?
4. What can a farmer raise without planting?
5. Who raised Cain?
6. Where is if that a person shouldn’t try jumping to?
7. How far can you drop an egg before if breaks?
8. What book first said "Woe is me?"
9. Who is if that wears shoes and everybody eats?
10. Give 6 words that rhyme with tush — don’t take too long.
11. Would you use a trap or a shot gun to hunt a gargoyle?
12. How much difference s there between a whale and a minnow?
13. How does an elephant smell?
14. If a goat ate a yard of cloth, how would he die?
15. A duck behind two ducks, a duck in front of two ducks, a duck in the middle of two ducks----how many ducks?
16. What holds up the moon?
17. Who was the biggest bandit?
18. How can you fake two letters from a five letter word and still have six?
19. What beast of the jungle is the most untruthful?
20. Why is heat faster than old?
21. For whom do all men remove their hats?
22. What smells more than anything else?
23. What has four wheels and flies?
24. What has a head but cannot think?
25. What would be worse than finding a worm in an apple you were eating?
26. What word do women like best?
27. What has 4 legs and flies?
28. What lady is it that nobody wants to know?
Superman Radio Quiz Master Games - back cover
Tops in Amusement!
Adds Realism!
Fun to Perform!

Fun For The Kiddies And The Grown Ups, Too!

Copyright - 1948 - National Comics, Inc.

All players gather around a table or they may sit on chairs in a row. Any number can play. One person is chosen as the "Radio Quiz Master". He sits at the head, turns the dial and asks the questions as they appear in the slot. Always start with question #1. If the first person fails to answer correctly, then the mike is passed to the next person; so on down the line until the #1 question has been answered. Each person must always talk into the mike. Person answering correctly is given 10 points. The Radio Quiz Master is the only person permitted to turn the dial to find the hidden answer shown below the question. After #1 question has been answered, turn to #2 and go on with the quiz. Person receiving the most points is the winner.

Press out and fold microphone as you would fold any box. Bend back on all scored lines, insert tabs in slots. Next, fold base as marked and insert tabs (B) in slots (B) on microphone. Your mike will look just like the picture shown on the front when completed.

Superman Radio Quiz Master Games - inside cover
Interesting Way To Play "Radio Quiz Master Stunts"

Players sit on chairs lined up in a row facing the "Radio Quiz Master" who sits at a card fable with the mike and dial. One person at time is called up before the mike. The "Radio Quiz Master" turns the dial and reads each act as it appears in the slot. Contestant talks into the mike and does the stunt indicated. Should he fail to do it well, he is given the gong. Should the act be well done, the rest of the players applaud him. Each player in turn k given the chance to do the same stunt before the "Quiz Master" turns the dial. Person doing the stunt best is given a score of 10. (This is decided by the players before the next stunt comes up.) Person receiving the highest score after all stunts hove been tried is the winner and may be given a prize, if desired.
"Radio Quiz Master"

Call out several towns like a train announcer.
Imitate a radio announcement.
Talk like a hard-boiled kid talking to his sweetie.
Lap water From a saucer like a puppy dog.
Imitate a policeman bawling out a car driver.
Imitate an announcer at a prize fight.
Imitate a mule greeting a friend.
Imitate a dog barking then whining.
If there's a musical instrument in the house, play it.
Make a noise like someone snoring.
Cry like a baby—make it good!
Tell a ghost story—a real thriller.
Crawl backward across floor with an egg in each hand.
Announce a ball game.
Sing a Hill Billy song.
Make a noise like you would if you saw a ghost.
Imitate a dog running on three legs.
Take off and put on your shoes— quickly, now!
Dance a jig.
Play leap frog with someone.
Imitate a banana peddler.
Pretend you are eating a piece of watermelon fast.
Put a piece of paper over a comb and play a tune on it.
Wiggle your ears.
Stick out your tongue and touch your ear.
Make a noise like a hen calling her chicks.
Call hogs like a real hog caller.
Turn a somersault.
Chatter like a monkey.
Sing "My Country 'tis of Thee".
Show how girls chew gum.
Show how to put baby to sleep.
Imitate a girl learning to roller skate.
Rub your head and pat your stomach at the same time.
Recite "Mary had a little lamb".
Straddle a broom-stick and show how to ride a horse.
Sing like an opera singer.
Imitate the sound of a riveter at work.
Make a political speech and make it good.
Imitate an airplane.
Imitate a poll parrot asking for crackers.
Imitate two cats on a back fence at night.
Make a noise like you would if you saw a mouse.
Read a funny paper and dramatize it.
Tell the story of Little Red Riding Hood your own way.
Crow like a rooster.
Roar like a lion.
Imitate a very old man with a shaky voice.
Act like a cheer leader at a football game.
Squeal like a pig.
Quote a Mother Goose rhyme like a tongue-tied kid.
Imitate a mouse.
Moo like a cow.

Answers to the Radio Quiz Master Questions...

1. A question bee.
2. A pair of shoes.
3. Brazil has only one "B" in it.
4. An umbrella.
5. His father and mother.
6. To conclusions.
7. Any distance. It doesn’t break until it lands.
8. The Bible.
9. Cobbler.
10. Rush, slush, mush, gush, brush, crush.
11. Neither. A gargoyle iS a grotesque carved figure.
12. A whale of a difference.
13. Through his mouth, not his trunk.
14. He would die by inches.
15. Three ducks.
16. Moon beams.
17. Atlas. He held up the world.
18. Two letters from sixty leaves six.
19. The lion is always a lion.
22. Because you can catch cold. 21. The barber.
22. The nose.
23. A garbage truck.
24. A nail.
25. Finding a half worm.
26. The last word.
27. Two birds.
28. Miss fortune.

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