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Sail-Ho Sailor Boys
Measuring roughly 8" by 12"

Patent for Thinshell Sailor Boys.

Carey Cloud created these four rocking sailor toys, in the 1930's, for Thinshell Candies in Chicago.

This premium has "Patent Applied For" printed in the lower left corner. We can date this toy to 1936 becuse Patent 002127808 was applied for in June of 1936 and granted shortly thereafter.

Thinshell Products, Inc. presents Sail-Ho Sailor Boys - Place Cards! Fun For Children! Party Favors!

Directions: No cutting or pasting. Gently press out each piece and fold on scored lines as indicated. Insert tab "A" into slot in back. Insert tab "B" into slot in front. Sketch below shows how pieces should stand when assembled.

C. Carey Cloud