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The Fox & Geese Game was very popular during colonial years, and evolved from a 14th century Scandinavian game called Halatafl. C. Carey Cloud simplified the game using only six geese and one fox, for his Cracker Jack game.

Instructions as printed on the puzzle:
Directions: Press out circles of Fox and Geese. One player takes Geese, another takes Fox. Geese are placed on first 2 rows of spots. Fox may start on any red spot. Moves are made one circle at a time, backward or forward. Geese have first move. Fox may jump Geese same as in checkers, but Geese must not jump Fox.

To win Game. Geese must surround Fox so he can't move, or Fox must jump all the Geese. If Fox is smart he may get a double jump as in checkers. All moves must follow wavy lines.

Fox and Geese Game - tri-fold version

Printed on cardstock, and perforated so it folds into thirds to easily fit in the box of Cracker Jack. The reverse side has no printing. It's approximately 8 inches long, and 1 ⅝ inches high.
Fox and Geese Game

Fox and Geese Game

Printed on cardstock with red and green ink. The game board, a fox and six geese are printed on the front side, with the instructions are printed on the reverse. It measures approximately 2 ¼ inches wide, and 3 ⅓ inches tall.
Fox and Geese Game - front Fox and Geese Game - back
Fox & Geese Game - front side
board and game pieces
Fox & Geese Game - reverse side


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