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Rocker Action - Clown Rocker Action - Elephant Rocker Action - Crying Baby - Rock-A-Bye-Baby Rocker Action - Seal
C. Carey Cloud created four Rocker Action Toys for Cracker Jack in 1943.
The clown, elephant, crying baby, and seal, were printed on perforated cardstock measuring 1.75" x 2.875"
Instructions: Press out. Fold on scores. Insert "A" in "B" from back. Then, set on rocker.

Rocker Action - Seal, Elephant, Clown
The seal, elephant, and clown, pressed out and ready to rock!

Rocker Action - Reverse Side

Information on the reverse side:

Action Toy
Gently touch his head and watch him act!
Patent No. 2127808
Cloudcrest, Chicago, Ill.

C. Carey Cloud Plastic Rocker Toys

C. Carey Cloud - Plastic Rocker - Baseball PlayerC. Carey Cloud - Plastic Rocker - DuckC. Carey Cloud - Plastic Rocker - Clown
A decade later, C. Carey Cloud's paper Rocker Action Toys evolved. The paper rockers were transformed into a series of 10 Plastic Rockers. Three are shown above, Rocker Baseball Player, Rocker Duck, and Rocker Clown.

Other C. Carey Cloud rocker toys, non Cracker Jack.

Orphan Annies Goofy Circus
Years before they were seen in Cracker Jack, the seal and clown were part of Orphan Annies Goofy Circus.
10 cents and one Ovaltine seal would buy this 58 piece circus in 1939.

Carnival Action Toys
The clown and the seal can be seen here as part of Carnival Action Toys.
The Action Toys were free with Carnival Candy Wrappers.
Carnival Candies were made by New Orleans Confections, Inc. of Chicago.

Jumbo Big Time Play Pack
The Rocker Action Elephant was sold as part of the Jumbo Big Time Play Pack.
Slightly larger than the Cracker Jack version, it measures 3" x 3.5".

Jphnston Candies - su PRIZE pack - Rocking Rabbit, Moving Duck, Moving Chick
Johnston Candies and Chocolates Action Easter Toy
A toy came in every Johnston's "su PRIZE pack"
Rocking Rabbit, Moving Duck, & Moving Duck

Thinshell Candies - Sailor Boys
Thinshell Candies - Sailor Boys
This is believed to be the first Rocker Action Toy made by C. Carey Cloud. (circa 1936)

Mother Goose - Fold A Form Wiggle Toys
From Mother Goose & Other Popular Characters - Fold A Form &Wiggle Toys

Patent - Rocker Action Toy
This is the first page of the patent C. Carey Cloud applied for and received, regarding his Rocker Action Toys. Patent No. 2127808, applied for June 19, 1936, granted on August 23, 1938.

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