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Plastic Stencils

       The Plastic Stencils were designed by C. Carey Cloud in the summer of 1956. Other than a few prototypes, it doesn't appear that these toys were manufactured and sold. It is unknown why these toys never made it to production. Perhaps manufacturing difficulties made it unfeasible. In the plans below, Carey Cloud mentions possible problems. If the mold is too thin, then the mold wouldn't fill properly. He also mentions that it would be cost prohibitive if the molds weren't flash free, as they would have to be cleaned of excess plastic. Which would have been labor intensive and very costly.

Plastic Stencils Folder Cover Plastic Stencils - flower, man, horse, duck Plastic Stencils - dog and fish
Folder containing the plans for the Plastic Stencils Pencil tracings of a flower, running man, horse, and duck made with the plastic stencils. The smudges on the paper are glue remnants that once held the plastic stencils to the page. Pencil tracings of a dog, and fish made with the plastic stencils.
Text on page: On each designed embossed, "Trace and Color". Plastic Stencils for tracing designs, for coloring and just for fun.

Plastic Stencils Plans Show word "Stencil" on all raised
Sectional View border all around, 1/16" in thickness. Inside 1.32" in thickness or thinner if mold will fill properly. (Consider flashing danger) Irregular design opening must mold flash free, cost prohibit cleaning.

This shows four designs of a set of 10 designs. Mold: 40 cavities. Material: styrene, re-processed.
Designer: C. Carey Cloud
Cloudcrest Creations
Nashville, Indiana
June 7, 1956

Plastic Stencils Plans Plastic Stencils
Specifications: Center Designs Cut Out. Raised Lettering "Trace and Color" Extreme Size:1¼"x2". Thickness around cut-out: 1/32"? Thin as possible to mold efficient - without trouble with flash and fins. Border around edge: 1/16" thick 5/32" wide to give feeling of body and strength.

Center thin as possible to mold probably 1/32"

Designs by Cloudcrest, Nashville, IND.

Plastic Stencils
Three Plastic Stencils, a flower, a fish, and a duck. Designed by C. Carey Cloud, Cloudcrest Creations, Nashville, Indiana.

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