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C. Carey Cloud made the Parrot Puzzle for Cracker Jack in the 1940's. This is similar to the Cowboy Puzzle, and the Trapeze Puzzle, which he also made for Cracker Jack.

The Parrot Puzzle is printed on cardstock with green and red ink. As with many of his Cracker Jack prizes, C. Carey Cloud printed this prize on two different sizes of paper.

Parrot Puzzle - front
Parrot Puzzle (front)

Copyright, C. Carey Cloud, Chicago 5, Ill. Made in U.S.A.

Parrot Puzzle - back
Parrot Puzzle (back)


First separate the two parrots and the nest. Now, lay the three pieces together in such a way so that the parrots will both be sitting on the nest. Do not cut or fold any of the parts.

Solution to the Parrot Puzzle below

Parrot Puzzle answer step 1

Parrot Puzzle answer step 2

Parrot Puzzle answer step 3

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